scallop imaging

From our company's research over the years in human color vision, we have developed a new system of producing color video imagery in low light that offers an order of magnitude better low light performance compared to standard RGB sensors.

Instead of the standard RGB three-filter set, our Gemini™ system uses a unique two channel system consisting of a checkerboard pattern of unfiltered pixels and pixels with one unique filter to produce a full color image under all lighting conditions, including extreme low light.

We have posted a video that we made using a leading 1.2 Megapixel monochrome CMOS sensor (3.75 µm pixel) equipped with a Gemini filter set filters compared to the color version of the same image sensor here. (This is a large file. You may wish to click the link at the top ofdownload the file before viewing.)

Gemini encodes the subject color space in such a way that a human observer sees a full color image.

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