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Scallop Imaging D7-180 Camera Integrated With 3VR Video Intelligence Platform™

Boston, MA, March 26, 2012 -- Scallop Imaging, the market innovator in high resolution, panoramic video cameras, and 3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced the integration of Scallop Imaging’s D7-180 camera with the 3VR Video Intelligence Platform™ (VIP). The Scallop Imaging D7-180 camera provides seven-megapixel resolution across a 180 degree field of view, along with H.264 compression and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The 3VR Video Intelligence Platform, which combines the power of advanced Video Management Systems with the ease of a DVR, makes it easy for customers to store, manage, search, and analyze video assets to extract relevant and actionable information.   

Scallop Imaging’s D7-180 seven megapixel digital camera distributes the imaging task across multiple, small image sensors, processing over 100 megapixels per second to calibrate, synchronize and merge video in real time. The result is two simultaneous video streams: a 720p HD stream composed of a true 180 degree, non-fisheye, situational awareness view at 15 frames per second, and up to four instantly repositionable zoom windows at full pixel resolution at 15 fps; and a full resolution (5120x1280 pixels) video stream at one fps.

“Scallop Imaging’s unique and patented multiple image stitching technology produces a seamless 180 degree field view that has no motion artifacts as a person of interest crosses the field of view. The resulting fluid video is tailor made for sophisticated video technology of the type offered by 3VR, especially in retail establishments that value the covert and small footprint of our cameras,” said Peter Jones, President of Scallop Imaging.

“The 180 degree field of view produced by Scallop Imaging’s cameras allows users to digitally pan, tilt and zoom both in real time in the HD mode and, unlike most PTZ cameras, after video has already been recorded in the full resolution mode, giving users more options and flexibility when investigating a security event,” said Brian Lane, Director of Product Marketing for 3VR. “Scallop Imaging’s camera technology, paired with 3VR’s video search and analytics, offers retailers and other businesses all the tools they need to quickly extract relevant security and marketing intelligence information from their video assets.”

About 3VR
3VR, the video intelligence company, enables organizations to record, search, and manage video to better serve customers, bolster security, and to identify and mitigate fraud. 3VR's Video Intelligence Platform (VIP) allows video systems to reach their true potential and deliver a measurable return on investment. 3VR is the video surveillance standard for hundreds of global customers, including leading banks, retailers, governments and law enforcement agencies and owns CrimeDex, an online community of more than 3,000 fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals dedicated to stopping crime. Based in San Francisco, CA, the company is privately held with funding from DAG Ventures, Focus Ventures, In-Q-Tel, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Menlo Ventures and VantagePoint Ventures. 3VR is one of the fastest growing U.S.-based private companies, according to Inc. magazine. In addition, the company has won numerous other accolades including a 2011 Security Products magazine product of the year award and 2011 Top 30 Technology Innovations award from Security Sales & Integration magazine. For more information, please visit

About Scallop Imaging, Inc.
Scallop Imaging is the leading innovator in developing video imaging systems based on the principles of distributed imaging. Distributed Imaging is a patented technology, developed by Scallop, where the outputs of multiple megapixel image sensors are fused in real-time within the camera to produce seamless images of any field of view or resolution. This allows incredible resolution in a small form factor at reasonable cost and with low bandwidth requirements. Scallop Imaging’s award-winning seven megapixel D7-180 and A7-180 cameras provide a combination of panoramic 180 degree field of view plus detailed zoom views. For more information, visit

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