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Scallop Imaging Digital Window D7-180 Camera Named ASIS Accolades Award Winner for “Unique Approach to Security”

High Resolution IP Video Camera Honored as One of the Security Industry's Most Innovative Products

Boston, September 9, 2009 – Scallop Imaging, the leader in high resolution digital video camera technology, today announced its Digital Window™ D7-180 security and surveillance camera has won an ASIS Accolades award. The company bested dozens of other entrants in the Unique Approach to Security category, due to a “…one-of-a-kind or ‘out of the box’ approach to dealing with and solving any type of security operations or management challenge.” Scallop Imaging will be publicly demonstrating the camera in Booth #3935 during the ASIS International conference, September 21-24 in Anaheim.

The D7-180 is a seven megapixel IP camera that distributes the imaging task across five 1.3 megapixel camera modules. Using logic and high speed processing, it provides multiple simultaneous video streams: an undistorted 180º view sized for display; zoom windows repositionable in real-time; and a seven megapixel 180º view. It can replace multiple PTZ cameras, and is the smallest camera in its class.

“The Digital Windows D7-180 differs dramatically from traditional security cameras by distributing the imaging task over an array of synchronized, miniature camera modules, combining video imagery to provide a seamless, high resolution, 180º field of view at 15 frames/second,” said Peter Jones, CEO of Scallop Imaging. “This is a significant advancement in IP video camera technology, and the ASIS Accolade award reflects the hard work and expertise of our product development team.”

Digital Window has state-of-the-art features including Power over Ethernet (PoE), and video compression using bandwidth and storage-sparing H.264. In addition to delivering such high resolution through a 180º field of view, the camera offers constant situational awareness, and instant slewing. The camera has a built in web server and can be accessed remotely using a web browser interface from Windows PCs.