scallop imaging

Accessories for Scallop Imaging Cameras

Recessed Wall Mount

Recessed Wall Mount

The Recessed Wall Mount will allow the A7 or D7 Camera to be installed with only the camera nose showing. The rest of the camera body is hidden, recessed in the wall or ceiling, out of sight.

The Recessed Mount is designed to be used on a hollow wall or suspended ceiling. It will not work with solid walls or ceilings. It cannot be attached to installed junction gang boxes.

It requires a 2-7⁄8" x 6-7⁄16" (7.3 cm x 16.35 cm) hole be cut into wallboard, sheetrock or drop ceiling with a minimum recessed depth of 2" (5 cm). The wallboard must be between 3⁄16" – 1" thick.

Download Recessed Wall Mount Installation Instructions >

Outdoor Housing

IP66 Rated Outdoor Housings

The Outdoor Housing allows the A7-180 or D7-180 Cameras to be installed against a wall, pole, or any secure stable surface. The camera is securely enclosed and protected from the elements. The vertical and horizontal angles can be adjusted with the brackets located on the back.

Note: The A7-180 and D7-180 Cameras use either the Model 7 or Model 8 Outdoor Housing. Please check the labeling on the back of your camera to confirm the correct Outdoor Housing model.

The M6-200 camera takes a Model 6 outdoor housing.

Outdoor Housing Installation Instructions